Friday, 17 June 2011

Business Cards

I love business networking

The power of connecting has helped me
change lives and create daily value

But I've been puzzled my entire
life at "bosses" attitude towards business cards.

Some people give them out so sparingly
like they are made of gold.

Some believe they are a symbol of status and not all employees should have them
Some never carry the damn things - even to a networking event!

In 2011, when business cards are cheaper and more dynamic than ever
the time has come to give cards to your entire team.

Teach them ho
w to use them, when to give them out. My favourite networking book teaches this method.

If you
send staff out into the world without cards
you're leaving $ on the table
you mi
ght as well blindfold them
The cost! The cos
t!! Cry the bean counters
Only management needs them! Cry the closest egotistsReally? And the every-day staff have no network?
They have worked here longer than you
know the vendors, the fans, the customers
know the company better

And they can't have cards?!?

Here are some thoughts and suggestions:

1) If cost and status is your hang up, create a generic card that ALL staff have access to
and can give out with all your coordinates ( yes including twitter )2) Sure work has given you a boring card. You should always have a non-work non-boring card with your LinkedIn and twitter account - consider's minicards!

3) On that note. No job? They are called "contact cards" how will someone who has a job to give you find you if you meet at an event?!

4) How about a conversation starter? The greenest business card in the world!! 100% recycled paper, vegetable inks, bullfrog powered and they plant a tree with every order!!
4) Business cards are like lottery tickets every one you give away has the potential to be a winner!

5) Want
to take your card use to the NEXT level? Read this book

I leave you with a little bus-card etiquette
. PN