Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dangerous cupcake networking

People think networking takes courage
Most men like sports
networking is my sport
I play it on my field, 
in my chosen armour

Like most things in life, 
to acquire rarity takes risk

And it's time to take a risk on you dear network

So once again, I'm shedding the work-week, the armour and proposing some real human connecting in a place of personal vulnerability. Sunday July 15 in Chinatown.

I've loved Dim Sum since I was a kid, it's personal, it's about sharing and it's a networking no-no. So we'll start our day here with brunch at 11:30am

In the 1990's I was diagnosed with IGS ( Italian Grandmother Syndrome ) I love to feed people. This disease took the form of serving in, and then running one of Toronto's Out of the Cold programs for some years. We fed hundreds, each winter. With fresh hand-made comfort food. Running this bare-bones volunteer lead charity taught me a thing or two about industrial kitchen supplies on a budget. So at 1pm we'll visit on of the cheapest best Chinese kitchen supply stores in Toronto. Knives, cutting boards, serving dishes, teapots you name it. Frugalista's take note.

Then we will finish our time together with a tour at 2pm with a UofT entrepreneur I met recently. She runs "Tasty Tours" in Kensington Market. It is sure to delight.

So to paraphrase a quote from the great poet Rumi: "Out beyond for and non-profit, beyond conferences and 'networking' there is a field of business connecting....I will meet you there". 

And yes, for the Pinterested few....
There will be cupcakes 
( Passion Capital cupcakes! Just kidding )

So.. July 15.. you open to taking this risk with me?



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