Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nazcorp adds new staff

Yes, we’re expanding our personal corporation…

 Born1A new baby is born.

    Gabriel Xavier Nazareth

Yes, only Paul would announce his new baby on LinkedIn. But truly, being able to have a family is because of all of you, my network.

It bothers me when people say “it’s not personal, it’s business”. Because of my business contacts, I’m able to have a family and another baby, that’s as personal as it gets. Born2

I’m often a private guy, many of my twitter and other contacts don’t even know I have a family. But so many of my business contacts have helped me become a family man, with advice and encouragement. Thought it was only paying networking dividends to share the news.

I wrote my wedding proposal at a CAGP conference. Peers have given me the best parenting advice ever and help me to feel better about the challenges of being a parent.

Thank you all for your support, well wishes and guidance,

With great gratitude,


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