Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sharing the power of “Solutions Focus”

This is a story about the most powerful paradigm shift of my life.

faultIt was a time where I had found considerable career success, but the future was a boring linear path - defined by momentum, not intention, doing at best 40% what I loved. I was losing steam at work, angry at the 60% holding me back. I was lost in my problems, and my team was obsessed with finding blamealan over winning battles. I was losing the war.

Enter Alan Kay.

Introducing me to the Solutions Focus truly changed every part of my life by doing three things, the focus of the method:

SF2ndEditionNow, just a few years later. Let me tell you, I have EVERYTHING I wanted when I defined that future. And the method is simple. Looking at my original picture from my notes – you can seePNsolutionsfocus. This is not rocket science. Alan is even featured in the international 2nd Edition, out soon.

Alan has helped countless peers, organizations and businesses in my network since then. He has a special place in his heart ( and work ) for charities and social-profit organizations. The applications are numerous.

A fundraising Director peer of mine has used it for work, career and loves Alan’s special set of SF interview questions. Canada’s “house doctor” Dr. MonkeyMeetingsBrian Goldman describes in this 2 minute video what Alan has done for him ( identical to my experience ). Most importantly, instead of promoting the use of the method, Alan has written a more practical ( and faster reading ) book to apply SF to your work. I highly recommend it, I highly recommend you call Alan if you’re looking to turnaround a business, a team, a life.

 questionsA massive business read in 2013 is Dan Pink’s “To Sell is Human in which he cites Solution Focus authors Dan & Chip in helping smart business professionals to ask better questions. Another big benefit of SF.

Alan turned improved the quality of my life around so much I even created a personal networking MVP award, and he was one of the first winner. So, follow Alan on Twitter, another great source for SF learning is his international peer Coert Visser at @DoingWhatWorks.

Here’s Alan and I talking about my experience with SF ( um ok, I’ve lost a little weight recently, not until I watched this video did I realize, I have to downsize my suits. Please join my wife in laughing at me) and below that a quick primer on Solutions Focus – I hope it’s as helpful to you as it was me!


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