Saturday, 12 February 2011

Do you have social media insurance? your everything.

Let me just go on a tangent for a second. I WANT THAT TIE/POCKET SQUARE COMBO - I've been sc
ouring the internet - I will pay anything. *ahem* back to the topic at hand.

Three smart cookies got m
e thinking....

Malcolm Burrows
asked about a digital estate plan

od Sharma went through a social media black out

Susan RoAnne asked the question....service or spam?

We have insurance for our physical stuff...what about our digital stuff?

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge promoter of LinkedIn.
I don't use Facebook and haven't invested in other social media
(ok, I have a Twitter account - but because it's connected to my LinkedIn!)

I have put all my eggs in one basket.

I have important contacts in there
Blog posts with ideas I want to remember
that are important to my career
Book reviews of great reads

If LinkedIn starts to pull a Facebook, or if the service goes down or under

What then?

Thanks for the thought!

So I backed as much as I can up today.

Nothing huge, just cut and paste into Word.

But if
there's a digital disaster... I'll be ok.

Something you might want to consider?

Go on the attack, do it right now.
(Ps. LinkedIn has a really cool "export" into Excel function!! )

After all, the best defense...

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