Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Your digital legacy?

A fascinating mind in the world of philanthropic gift planning, Malcolm Burrows, has a very cool job.

His insight and experience caused him to make a powerful note at a speaking engagement
last month when he was talking about the state and future of "legacy planning".

He mused on the concept of a digital will and executor.
Wonderfully enough he wrote about it recently in
this really educational blog collective he's a member of. He also mentioned this new book.

I had heard of the concept a little while back when I tripped over this quirky little powerpoint and this really great interview on CBC's digital wonderland, Spark.

A very cool but i
mportant planning thought.
I made my quick d
igi-will last night. How 'bout you?

Think about it - or watch this 2 minute video.

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