Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Walper Hotel

Every once in a while you get tired of cookie-cutter everything

This week I was excited to be invited to the Kitchener-Waterloo area to speak about a passion of mine, LinkedIn.

I was staying overnigh
t but speaking to a very cool group called Social Media Breakfast - so I wanted to find a SM enlightened hotel. And I'm cheap and bored with cookie-cutter hotel chains.

Enter the Walper

Right downtown ( I'm so sick of walking across massive parking lots to get to some form of life ) and a Heritage property which so much character it actually inspires creativity!

My stay was perfection for the business traveler, I came in late and every detail was handled in seconds. Such a beautiful room with high ceilings and new design touches too. Free wifi, a 2011 must.

I will admit to being ner
vous as I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, but phew! Spotless washrooms and everything else..

Two touc
hes I have to mention that I really found valuable:

1. That they have a theme for their philanthropy and they share it well

2. For
the business traveler, the concept of a "grab and go" breakfast on my door handle early in the morning so I can eat on the run - BRILLIANT. I can't go to one more horrible continental breakfast bar. Yogurt, fruit, juice n' oats.

This is a creative place for people that value inspiration and comfort.

That it was ONE THIRD less than local chains like the Raddison and Holiday Inn didn't hurt at all.

A tip for network and tweeps - hope it's of value.

And to the Walper staff?

I tweeted, you responded. Kudos, it's why I booked.

The handwritten, personalized
welcome card on my nightstand with an organic honey-oat bar?
Home run.

Thank you. Paul

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