Monday, 15 October 2012

Welcome New Twitter Followers

Hello! welcome_mat_twitter-455x340

I wanted to say a special welcome that was longer than 140 characters. Thank you for investing your twitter time with me!

By following me, you will find content on:

You’ll find more about me and my mission statement HERE

This is not a social profile. It’s 95% business ( 5% Other )

I exist to help passionate professionals succeed.

SocialBusinessI am interested in the future of “Social Business” today and tomorrow.

I’m joined in this quest by my corporate and social-profit network. I hope you are part of this tribe.


Most of all, I’m here to serve and help YOU

So please keep in touch, engage and please share your wisdom. It’s something I seek to learn from you.

I leave you with some words of wisdom, tweet you soon.

Thanks again,

Paul Nazareth

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