Sunday, 29 May 2011

A note to twitter followers

Greetings and welcome new Twitter follower!

I wanted to go beyond just the standard
"thank you for following me" line.

But I am grateful for the follow and your time.

My Personal Mission statement: Promote purposeful passionate people to help them reach professional and personal potential while enjoying life to the fullest.

I am here to help you. To add value.

s Twitter, you might consider
connecting with me on LinkedIn
but only if we can do business
that will be
nefit you.

My trademark seeker statement:
"If hindsight is 20/20,
I want to view life
using the clear vision
of others learned wisdom"

That's where you come in.
Please share, teach and
I am listening.

My only requirement for Tweeps
is that we use our time to help
others whenever possible.

Thanks again!

Paul Nazareth

Oh...and one more thing...

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