Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Whatta man - Ken Wyman

Went to the Humber College portfolio viewing tonight

In a wicked-dynamic space created by ING.
Centre for Social Innovation
meets Jamba Juice with bank machines

check it out HERE and in the Globe n'Mail

Some solid networking done but my favourite part
was watching Ken Wyman wor
k the room for his students
This is a guy who has seen success,
has done his bit for King, Queen & country

advocates, work
s hard, he hustles for those in his care.

He goes bey
ond educator, to shepherd
A bodhisattva of sorts, here to help others find their voice

Something the great Steven Covey stresses in the 8th habit

There is
no patron saint for fundraisers, a big beef of mine
and sure Ken's not dead yet, far from it
but I'm going to start gathering my papers
to make a case
-for-support ( pardon the pun )

AFP honoured him, he is well known in the community

Fundraising, young professionals, we all owe this guy a debt of gr
He raises the bar on humanity, humility and professional excellen

Sure he's not as ripped as his enviro-peer David

But Whatta man......

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