Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Get it all out of your system

Big change in my career right now
An identity shift

Yesterday I was a medium sized fish in a small pond
Today I'm like a booger floating in the ocean

But it goes deeper that that
- ironically I've been speaking about this shift publicly for years

When a non-profit professional moves over to for-profit they call it "turning to the dark side". I remember when a great peer of mine moved. It was tragic to watch them being treated differently

I always found this attitude incredibly ignorant.
So I shared this opinion and warned peers the risk they were taking --- that annoying and maybe insulting a valuable network contact whose influence has just tripled
may be the wrong move.

So I just made that move.
As you can see at my "coming out party" last night
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun...

But both I and you, dear network,
have a few months.

Come fall 2011.
I'll stop making the jokes.
When you say it, I won't be mean or embarrass you.
I'll probably smile, but come nightfall,
There will be one less trusted peer in my network

This is not a threat

I am always working to test the best in my network
to offer my opportunity and resources to propel you further, faster
But as always, I demand an attitude of abundance, kindness and humility
(and you should demand it from me, always)

We've got a battle to fight, some heavy lifting to do.
And as a wise-guy said, "do or do not"....

May the with us both!

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